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Bridging the digital gap in schools.

We consult in IT with a focus on schools.

What We Do,,

We spearhead projects that bridge the digital divide in schools and create a meaningful impact. At Brentech Consulting, we are passionate about leveraging technology to empower schools in need.

Join us in making a difference and revolutionizing education through technology.

Schools Focused IT

Corporate Social Responsibility

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In our CSR consulting approach, we collaborate with companies interested in fulfilling their corporate social responsibility objectives with focus on schools in need of IT.

By investing in these initiatives, companies not only contribute to the betterment of education but also strengthen their own CSR programs.

Our IT Solutions

Computer Hardware

We supply and offer comprehensive IT hardware products and solutions to schools and companies to streamline processes.

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Software & Websites

We develop custom software solutions that cater to the unique requirements of schools, and companies including websites, portals, and school management systems.

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We believe in equipping individuals and teams with the essential skills needed to navigate and utilize the supplied IT infrastructure effectively.

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Digital Marketing

For corporates, we also offer Digital Marketing Services and Training. We understand the importance of leveraging technology to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

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Solar for schools

We go above and beyond to ensure uninterrupted access to connectivity and the use of computer infrastructure in schools.


That’s why as part of our projects, we install solar systems, providing a sustainable and reliable solution for schools in need.

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School Computer Labs Construction

If need be, we remodel and renovate to meet the evolving needs. If the school doesn’t have one yet, we build from scratch

Our Projects

Our IT projects focus on empowering schools with enhanced technology infrastructure, including providing cutting-edge IT equipment, setting up computer labs, and implementing solar backup systems to ensure uninterrupted access to technology.

School computer labs constructions

We remodel and renovate to meet the evolving needs if need be. If the school doesn’t have one yet, we build from scratch.

IT Components Supply

We furnish computer labs with the essential IT components they need.

Solar Installation

To ascertain uninterrupted use of the IT infrastructure in schools, we install solar systems for efficient power supply.


Equip users with essential skills and knowledge to safely and effectively use IT infrastructure supplied.

Partner With Us

Partner with us and leverage the expertise and resources of our IT consulting firm to create impactful CSR projects that benefit schools in need

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